Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Charles Blum, Year One Alumni Parent, remembers . . .

I remember way back when the school was in its first couple weeks of existence. It was amazing how much positive energy and excitement was generated by the staff, administration, teachers, parents and students. It was like we had finally found a home.

I remember the whole school did a project for the entry wall which was an outline of each student's hand with different artistic styles. I had the privilege of taping them up on the wall as a huge tapestry. When I first put them up there were 97 student hands and the top of the picture was missing 3 more to make it look filled out and symmetrical. By a week later there were 100 hands and more as the school quickly blossomed.

I am forever grateful to Lisa Rosenstein and all those who worked tirelessly to offer an amazing opportunity for my son's Gregory and Jeffrey Blum. I never had to wake them up in the morning to go to school because they were always ready to go. It was such a gratifying feeling when they would tell me as the summer came to a close that they were looking forward to going back to school at The Willows. My heart will always be with The Willows because The Willows was always there for me and my sons.

Thank you!


Charles L. Blum, DC

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